Futurist | Designer | Academic | Geek

I provide futures thinking and digital transformation consulting for companies and individuals. Helping you design for the opportunities and navigate the risks of an emerging technologies landscape.


I focus on building strategies for the tangible adoption, leveraging and navigation of an emerging technologies landscape; of which Artificial Intelligence, Spatial Computing and Big Data are prominent, with the intent to prepare government, industry and individuals for the impacts on society, public service delivery and the future of work. 


A game designer and academic who currently leads the Emerging Technologies work-stream within the Department of Internal Affairs, NZ Government. I hold a doctorate degree in Human Interface Technology, with a specialism in systems design for serious-games, a Masters degree in Design, Strategy and Innovation and held national and international academic positions, lecturing in creative technology, game-design systems and strategy and innovation processes. Have published numerous academic papers and industry articles, outlining tangible design approaches for engaging broad groups in solving complex-problems via the application of new technologies. 


I currently sit on the Law Ethics and Society working group of New Zealand’s AI Forum. The forum and group consists of academics, lawyers, industry professionals and government representatives. The group is leading the review of ethical frameworks for AI development in New Zealand, and is tasked with assessing their effectiveness against a set of use cases relevant to NZ Society. My team and I have contributed the ‘Legislation as Code’ use case assessing the ethical implications of legislation as code in an AI enabled democracy. The aim of this contribution to the AI forum is in support of a draft framework for public, industry and government guidance on the best practise for AI adoption that supports NZ culture and human rights.


I am also conducting experimental work within the Digital Rights and Ethics space on how predictive algorithms are driving the erosion of social norms in an online setting. This work involves a Virtual Reality experience contextualising how predictive algorithms; (Narrow AI) optimised for ‘monetized clicks’, is driving the agenda of far-right online hate speech.

Virtual Reality (VR) as a policy experience and modelling tool