Driedfrog designs seamless interactions between your users and your technology.
You benefit from happier, engaged users, who learn faster and interact naturally with your product.

Our specialist knowledge provides end-users with smooth, engaging, fun interactions that meet your outcomes. We deliver the design know-how to realise your technology project; whether in software development, education and training, computer games or simulation design.


Our practical design and development knowledge is informed by cutting edge academic research. Our unique design IP supports user ‘Flow’ by applying the psychology behind skill, motivation and optimal experience. Take a look at our Design page to find out a little more about our unique Structural Playability ©SPP intellectual property (IP). 

We provide as much or as little project management support as you need along your journey. Take a look at our Projects page to get a feel for what we can do for you.


The Works: Product Design and Management
Develop new software or Redesign/overhaul a current product design. Need to create education and training packages for your tech or explore how educational games can engage your audience and enhance your business. Contact us to find out more.

We provide:
Full educational technology, simulation or game UX design; from concept to in-engine implementation.

A complete production pipeline, including; implementation and management strategies, mapping the user-experience, plus software and gameplay design interactions that are tailor made to fit your goals and the needs of your target audience.

The option to have comprehensive and collaborative design service through the licensing of Driedfrog ©SPP intellectual property (IP).

Lite Bytes: Consulting and Contracting
We support your objectives by drawing on a range of skills, which enable you to meet you and your audience’s design needs. Proof of concept/Target audience discovery/Funding scopes. Ongoing tech, education or game project guidance. Contact us to find out more.

Try a Taster: Seminars and Workshops
Book a seminar or arrange a design workshop to learn more about UX, design thinking or how the fun of gameplay can enhance your technology or business needs. Contact us to find out more.


Driedfrog delivers content across the following sectors:

• eLearning materials
• Training plans and resources
• Teaching and Learning plans
• Goal-driven skill based experiences
• Visualisation
• Video production
• Prototyping
• Gameplay interaction
• Feedback and reward systems
• User Interface development
Game Design
• Full gameplay design
• Interaction mapping
• Mission Structuring
• Feedback and Rewards systems
• World and environment design
Research and Development
• User experience (UX) profiling
• User testing
• Data analysis

©driedfrog Ltd 2016

We are an independent gameplay consultancy and design studio, specialising in gameflow for learning.