Our Driedfrog team applies novel methods to breakdown complex problems with the know-how to deliver them as simple, well-designed user-experiences. Resulting in technology interactions that engage with an audience through the power of positive psychology, drawing on the fun and engagement of computer game play.

Structural Playability offers a practical production pipeline that 1) provides an analysis of the complex problem that the technology needs address 2) creates a user-story for framing end-user interactions, 3) applies a skill-based, structured design approach simplifying the complex problem  4) Delivers design content via a logical system for easy code translation; streamlining both development builds and content user-testing.

Design Pipeline

Building on the psychology of enjoyment and a foundation of learning outcomes. Structural Playability applies core elements of Motivation, Skilled Performance and the conditions that generate the mental state of Flow. Together these combine to form a solid structure connecting and engaging your end-user with the with the desired content.

UX Structure
To find out more on how you can use Structural Playability to create your next tech project or educational game  contact us and let us help you take your idea to the next level.

Alternatively, you can start the analysis of your project right now by downloading our  Problem Mapping Guide to get you thinking in the right direction.

By exploring, assessing and defining those idea(s) we will provide you with recommends, options and plans for action.

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