Logic Mapping: a Design Process


Logic Mapping – Game Design for Complex Problems

The Logic Mapping process evolved out of my PhD research into the application of positive psychology for the design of serious games. I’ve refined the process for use in everyday situations where design-thinking and human-centered design is required to meet some of the big challenges facing society. The linked article provides breakdown of how to apply the process.

Logic mapping is a game design tool. It uses logic-flows to unpack the complexity of a problem while guiding your thinking towards useful and related solutions. It acts as a design thinking shortcut; as efficiently testing out the viability of a solution as it is at unpacking a problem.

Logic mapping is applicable in any design situation where you are having to deal with complex issues that require systemic design or redesign. I regularly apply and teach this game design technique as part of my service innovation role for the New Zealand government. You can access the Logic Mapping template here.

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