Driedfrog utilises the ‘Power of Play’ found in computer game development to provide novel approaches to the technology design.  Bringing the engaging qualities of gameplay design to software, computer game, simulations, education & training interactions.

Games learn, play, educate

We bring the ‘power of play’ to projects through the application of ‘Structural Playability’. A unique design approach that merges learning, play and fun into engaging educational-gameplay worlds. Structural Playability has been validated through the rigor of academic research. It intertwines motivation, flow and skilled performance theories to achieve positive design results.

Why are games useful?
There is a massive power in gaming that can drive engaging interactions and effective educational outcomes.
On mass the way we interact and learn is changing in our digital, internet age.
Advances in technology, over the next decade, will change knowledge sharing and education beyond what we recognise today.
Every generation now is a ‘gaming generation’.
Learners spend the majority of their daily hours at school being ‘educated’ while also spending the equivalent amount of hours out of school, playing computer games. These are skilled game-players, who find enjoyment in technology interaction that are motivating, challenging, and immersive.
Technology users of the future will all be expert game players.
We can tap into this potential by designing our technology to have the positive qualities of gameplay and we can translate our educational needs into engaging game worlds.

Read here about our projects, and learn more about how we are changing the face of goal-driven learning through play, one game at a time.

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We are an independent gameplay consultancy and design studio, specialising in gameflow for learning.