What Does ‘Good’ Look Like?

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What Does ‘Good’ Look Like? Innovation in Public Service Design

I co-authored a short blog as part of work I’m leading at the New Zealand Governments’ Service Innovation Lab. We summaries a range of national and international wellbeing frameworks, attempting to answer ‘what does good looks like’ for people & public services?

What does good look like for a citizen, a cultural group or as a country? Is it about having enough money, a healthy environment, a strong economy, a secure sense of wellbeing or a government that is trusted?

As a New Zealand government service innovation lab, ‘what good looks like’ matters to us. We want to know that the services we develop in collaboration with agencies are ‘good’ for the people who will use them. We believe good services are services which contribute to the good of citizens, cultural groups, the country and even the global community. Therefore, it is important to know what good looks like on all of these levels so we can design our services accordingly. There are a number of frameworks that attempt to help with this. They provide insight on how to assess and measure ‘what good looks like’ at a national and international level.